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Jul 31, 2011 2:00pm EDT
itself is basically a troublesome prospect, whether you are in africa or china or india or others. so the bigger picture is a combination of dealing with the substantive challenges that the u.s. and europe and japan face, but also a sense about what role they would play in shaping this future international system that does, as everybody here working on development knows, have some incredible opportunities. one does not have to look at gloom and doom in this. africa has grown an average of about 5% for a decade. there's lots of opportunities there. we have private capital growing. china has grown 9.9%. it depends how you look at the world, but there are great opportunities, but they have to be seized, and we have to figure out how developed and emerging markets were together in a different way than they did in the past. bob, another news item getting a lot of justified attention is the food crisis in eastern africa, where 11 million people are at some risk in the current drought. this is everything from research on seats, including different conditions of climate change and drought and
Jul 31, 2011 10:30am EDT
immediately conclude those jobs were sent overseas to india, to china, but, in fact, a third of those jobs actually went to canada where they have one of the most aggressive r&d tax credits in the world. i think our brothers up north have something maybe that we can learn from here. it's not the only decision made in terms of where to hire, but they have done an effective job at neutralizing some of the differences between geographys and making it an incentive to invest in their local market. >> mr. chairman, since we are a domestic company, i will only talk about the u.s. and i will cite two examples in my remarks when i talked about accelerating ing vestments in our infrastructure and creating jobs shall when you look across the healthcare space, we have a problem. there is about $300 billion that is spent annually on unnecessary medical costs as a result of poor compliance and adherence of prescription drugs. we believe we can accelerate our investments in terms of bringing products and services that are solutions to that problem that will improve the health of those we serve, and at th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2